A New Intern at the Eco-Congregation Movement

A new intern has joined the Eco-Congregation Movement!


Áldás Békesség! I am Kim DaSeul and I am from South Korea. I started my internship at the Eco-Congregation Movement since the September 2016. 

I see all of the surrounding nature and the environment as my companion. I believe that not only human beings but also all the other living creatures on the Earth and in the universe are Creations of God. Since God called each one of us as His steward, I believe that we are also called to be a conscious and responsible steward with all of God’s Creations.

After finishing my undergraduate study in Environmental Science, Policy and Management in the U.S., I have always wanted to learn more about the relationship between human and nature, and how Christianity can give influence to such relationship. So, by joining the Eco-Congregation Movement in Hungary, I wish to learn about the sprit and influence of Reformed Church in Hungary and how Christianity can give positive influence to the relationship between human and nature. Through the internship, I also wish to inform other foreigners about the Eco-Congregation Movement in Hungary, and strengthen the partnership programs with foreign countries within ECEN by preparing English texts.

Previously, I have worked as a research and laboratory assistant in Agronomy and Plant Genetics and had two internships at Dovetail Partners Inc. (specialized in Environmental Consulting in Management) and Messzelátó Egyesület (NGO working towards sustainable living).

In the future, I wish to explore about Environmental Policy, Eco-theology, and Environmental Education.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to share ideas or get to know more about me!



Kim DaSeul (kim.daseul1115@gmail.com